Pricefx REST API

This specification describes the JSON-based REST API of the Pricefx backend service ("the backend") to retrieve and manipulate objects, as well as to execute methods. In short, all functionality that the backend offers is exposed by this API.

The default web UI uses this interface as its only communication path to the backend, as well as the provided Excel Client. This document should enable anyone with advanced development skills to write a custom client application – e.g. for integration purposes to a custom system.

Transport Protocol

The only available transport protocol of the Pricefx backend is HTTP(S). Standard HTTP headers and return codes as defined in RFC 2616 are used. The Pricefx API entirely relies on a defined URL scheme and additional data as part of a standard HTTP POST request. If no request body is required, HTTP GET can be used too (unless stated otherwise).

TLS Versions

Pricefx servers use following TLS protocol versions:

  • TLS 1.2
  • TLS 1.3

Data Format

The payload of the HTTP requests and responses are formatted in JSON by default.

JSON is described in RFC 4627 and at


The JSON request should be properly identified by HTTP Header Content-Type set to application/json.


All strings are UTF-8 encoded.